Upcoming release: The first review of “Brutus” by Trilobit


” A debute album of a group of a different kind and with a very different instrumentation.

Stina Hellberg Agback plays the concert harp, Simon Svärd plays the electric guitar and Karl Jansson plays the drums. Simon Svärd has composed the music by himself or together with Stina Hellberg Agback.

It is a completely different world of sound than what you most commonly expect with jazz trio. But it is still not completely unknown sounds. Most things have been tried before even thought Trilobit now broadens the path even more and creates a very different jazz sound.

Stina Hellberg Agback is the first harpist in Scandinavia with a degree in jazz improvisation. Simon Svärd is often heard behind the folk-prog duo Siri Karlsson.

Here they meet and create something new together with Karl Jansson’s almost cautious, but still distinct, drums. Trilobit makes a show of possibilities and creates a landscape of sounds that has a life of its own.

Thought, it is not all easy to approach the music as jazz. Not at a start, but as the CD plays on it becomes more and more clear. This is jazz as we never heard before. Trilobit has brought jazz onto a new path and if this is the future path can only the future reveal. Right now it feels good and exciting with harp, electric guitar and drums even thought it is hard to judge since references are practically non-existing. Thought, it is three excellent musicians and I enjoy not the least what Stina Hellberg Agback achieves on her harp. “

Lennart Götesson, Dalademokraten